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Laser Hair Removal

(Our Specialty)



Quick, easy and affordable way for men and women of all skin tones to eliminate unwanted hair from anywhere on the face or body.  Why choose to have your Laser done by the experts at Body Beautiful? Beacuse we specialize your treatments based on your specific skin tone and hair texture and density:


•  For our Darker-Skin clients, the Cutera Coolglide ND:Yag has a longer wavelength that protects the skin and provides results in fewer treatments.


•  For our Lighter-Skin clients, the Lumenis LightSheer Diode’s 800nm wavelength is perfect for providing the fastest, most effective results.  PAINLESS Duet Laser now available!


Successful laser treatments also rely heavily on the experience and expertise of the technicians providing the treatment. Body Beautiful's certified Technicians receive extensive, ongoing training to provide our clients with the absolute best results in the fewest treatments possible.

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beard before and after.JPG

Baseline Photo

After three Laser hair removal treatments w/ Yag on chin of African American woman

before and after.JPG

Baseline Photo

After one Laser hair removal treatment w/Yag on chin and cheek area of African American woman

Woman's Underarm Treatment with YAG Laser

Man's Neck Treatment with YAG Laser

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