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Photo Facial


The Quantum IPL is the most advanced system used for PhotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation. Photo Rejuvenation gives you younger and healthier looking skin. As most of us age, we begin to see visible signs of sun damage. This may include wrinkles, broken capillaries, dark spots, blotchy skin color, redness of the face, neck and chest, enlarged pore size, rough skin texture and uneven pigmentation.


Photo Rejuvenation is the only procedure that can treat vascular redness, Rosacea, pigmented brown spots, sun damage, rough skin texture, and increase collagen all at once.


The Quantum IPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatment gives you younger, healthier looking skin with little to no downtime.


Baseline Photo Cheek Vessels

After 4 IPL Treatments

IPL before and after.JPG

Immediately After IPL Treatment On Broken Nose Vessels

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